Quality design will attract interest from your audience, whether it is an online or print ad. We can build a distinct image and message for your business to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Online marketing is very effective since it is aligned with the way consumers make purchases. Consumers to the internet to help get insight on the best quality and deals. They also look to social media for purchasing decisions. Online ads are low-cost and much more measurable than other mediums. An article on the Harvard Business School Executive Education website highlighted the link between social media and online revenue growth. According to the article, a group of consumers that responded most strongly to the influence of social networks generated increased sales of around 5%. Your business can take advantage of social media with online ads on your consumers’ favorite social media outlets.

Magazines are perceived as a trustworthy friend, and they are kept on coffee tables and offices for months. Magazines and television are also the most effective media in driving word of mouth for businesses. Most magazines are focused around a common interest or industry, so you know exactly who your audience is when choosing which magazine to advertise in. Some people view ads as an interruption, but in magazines ads are just part of the content. We love magazines because consumers are focused while they read magazines, so they are more engaged with ads. Readers are also pretty committed to their favorite magazines, whether they are free, like Tulsa People or Oklahoma Magazine, or if they had to purchase them. Most people read their magazines more than once too. On average, each page in a paid-for magazine is looked at 2.5 times by each reader, and over than 90% of all pages are opened by the typical reader.

If you want to reach a broad local audience then we suggest newspaper ads. 7 out of 10 adults read a newspaper or visit a newspaper’s website at least once a week. Newspapers are believed to be one of the most credible advertising mediums. Newspapers are convenient for readers since it is brought right to their doorstep, and that is another reason why it is a valuable shopping planning tool. If you need to move merchandise quickly, or spread community awareness about your organization, then newspaper ads are probably a good fit for your advertising campaign.

Another traditional medium that we still believe in is outdoor advertising. Billboards don’t annoy consumers, but instead they are noticed because of their messages and creative design. They are great for targeting specific locations too, and that’s why 3 out of 4 Americans said that they rely on billboards to find places while they are traveling.

If you’re trying to target other businesses, than trade magazines may be the perfect fit for you. Depending on how specialized your industry is, a commercial or newspaper might not be the best investment for your business. A trade magazine or directory will put your advertising dollars to its full use. Another bonus is that most people tend to hold on to a trade directory for at least a year since they use it as a valuable resource. Make more B2B connections and new customers by placing an ad in a trade magazine or directory.

At Byers Creative we have experience in all different types of advertising design and media buying. Look at our portfolio to see our advertising design work.

Other Print Services:

Byers Creative helps companies put their best foot forward by helping them create strong and lasting impressions through their logo. A strong logo is going to help establish trust and build an instantly recognizable graphic symbol for regular use in your company’s marketing and everyday correspondence.

After (brand, product, service or company) naming, a logo is the strongest part of laying a solid foundation for future marketing efforts. A logo becomes the visual representation of your company and since it is graphic, it should always look the same every time it is used. You may however need a corporate identity style guide created to police the usage and make sure the brand is consistent across all mediums.

A thought-provoking logo design can strengthen your brand image and corporate identity, giving you a psychological advantage over your competition. Your logo is the core of your corporate identity, defining and symbolizing the character of your company or organization.

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Does your current brand remind you of your high school sweetheart? It may be time for an updated look. We help companies start from scratch, whether they are opening a new business or updating their old brand identity. Our designers love to help clients strategically pick every visual element of their brand. We are thoughtful when choosing colors, logotype, fonts and taglines. We want you to stand out from your competition by creating a brand identity that represents your organization’s values. A great brand identity can look great and be translated well on any medium. The Byers Creative team creates brand identities that stay in consumers’ minds.

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The Byers Creative team is no stranger to tradeshows. We enjoy making our clients’ booths stand out in a big crowd. When your company is one of hundreds exhibitors you have to grab attention and express what your company does quickly and visually. From eye-catching banners to innovative business cards, we will ensure you make a lasting impression on your prospects. We have experience in the oil and energy, contracting, construction and manufacturing tradeshows. Let us design your pop-up display, flier or brochure for your next tradeshow.

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In a world full of electronic messages, print design stands out more than ever. Our print designs help clients connect with their audiences. Our team is great at creating innovative designs, while still staying within your companies brand identity. Our large corporate clients trust us to design their annual reports to communicate with important stakeholders. We can also get you ready for your big event coming up with a completely coordinated event identity that includes invitations, posters, brochures, fliers and banners.

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We create all sizes of advertisements that go online, in magazines, newspapers and specialty publications. Online banner ads are an engaging advertising option to promote your business. Online advertising can be much more targeted to your audience compared to more traditional mediums. Banner ads also bring traffic back to your site. Don’t worry, we don’t design the annoying “You’ve won a free trip to Hawaii!” type of pop-up ads.As far as print advertisements go, they are still very effective if your business is in a wider market. We enjoy making more updated versions of print ads by making them interactive with QR codes. Print readers are less likely to be multitasking while they are reading a newspaper or magazine, so you are more likely to have their full attention with a print ad.Our team can also design your billboards. Billboards can help reinforce your brand, since they are a constant reminder of your company. Billboards have a high frequency if your target audience is passing them every day during their commute.

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We work with clients to design several different types of promotional products. Many of our clients request these items for special events that they are hosting, tradeshows, or for their client gifts. We also have designed client’s t-shirts, pens, and other gifts for their employees. Promotional products help reinforce your brand’s image by putting your identity on something that is handy and useful for your targeted audience. Specialty items often get used for extended periods of time and can help you build loyal customers.

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