Best Places to Work, Two Years Running

For the second year in a row, Byers Creative, a full-service design and communications agency, has earned the title as one of TB&LN’s Best Places to Work and if you talk with their employees, it’s pretty clear as to why.

“The environment that Angela and Mike have created is one of respect and openness – I really appreciate that,” said Annie Tyndall, graphic designer. “I haven’t been here long but I can see that all of the employees work well together, are kind, and respect one another. I think that is a very hard thing to cultivate at a business and it shows how much care Angela and Mike take when putting a team together.”

Byers Creative employees pride themselves on their outstanding service and quick turn-around times. They use their expertise in design, marketing, and web development to support over 100 clients around the nation.

“I love working for Byers Creative because Angela and Mike have put together an amazing team of skilled, fun people,” said Byers Creative Web Developer Andrew Hagni. “They fully trust each one of us to deliver creative solutions to our clients and new ideas are always welcome.”

The team’s collective skills include graphic design, web development, photography, video editing, social media management as well as communications and marketing strategy.

They service some of the state’s and nation’s top employers including Walmart, Williams, Flintco, the Tulsa Regional Chamber, Hilti, WPX Energy, Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute, SemGroup, Magellan Midstream and Matrix Service Company. These employers in turn trust the team at Byers Creative to produce top-quality products and services for high profile projects.

Angela Byers, principal owner and CEO, founded the agency 13 years ago, working out of a spare bedroom of her house. Clients sought her out and her business hasn’t stopped growing. Since 2003, Angela and Mike Byers, CFO and managing partner, have grown Byers Creative into a highly skilled and efficient team of creatives.

Their designers, web developers and communications experts are able to partner directly with clients, giving the Byers Creative team more design freedom than a typical PR firm.

“They not only care about the growth of their business, but about the growth of their employees in their individual career paths,” said Elizabeth Hecox, graphic/web designer. “They listen to the passions and goals of each team member and actively seek opportunities which will help them grow in their chosen direction.”

Byers Creative offers employees competitive salaries, flexibility with their schedule and professional development opportunities. Group health insurance is a luxury some small businesses can’t offer, but Byers Creative has chosen to offer group health and dental insurance, as well as complimentary life insurance to all full-time employees.

“[Angela and Mike] are so encouraging and I’ve grown so much under them, both as a person and as a designer,” said Lisa Kleefeld, designer and photographer. “They give us so many opportunities to explore and learn. I’m so grateful to be here.”

The leadership at Byers Creative works hard to ensure an encouraging and collaborative work atmosphere without unnecessary stress. Employees feel they can learn and grow while often helping their teammates do the same.

“I like the relaxed atmosphere of the office,” said Michele Powell, communications and online strategist. “Even though there is a ton of work and lots of deadlines, the environment and office culture isn’t frenzied or stressful, it’s pretty chill actually.”

The Byers Creative team also has the opportunity to help non-profits and charities by donating or discounting services. They are able to service both the Fortune 500 firms who employ much of the world and the philanthropic organization that touches the world.

“It’s so rare to find yourself in a job that you’re excited to wake up to each day,” said Hagni. “I truly am so grateful to be part of the Byers Creative team.”

Visit to learn more about their team, clients and services. For interviews or more information, please contact Angela Byers at 918-949-3399.

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