Content is the meat of your website and is the only real part of your site that matters when it comes to impact. The graphics can be out of this world, you can have video backgrounds and animations, and you can have the award winning functionality of famous websites but if your content is weak so is your website. Search engines need content or the text portion of your website to make ranking decisions, expertise levels, and what to publicize. Without content your website is nothing more than a picture. It is true that a picture says a thousand words; however, you need those thousand words to be of any impact on the major search engines. A large number of websites are starting to drive feature rich – content weak sites which is resulting in weaker search engine rankings and lower site traffic overall. There has to be a balance between content and aesthetic or the site will fail.

At Byers Creative, we specialize in providing relevant and engaging content for our clients while delivering the cutting-edge aesthetics creating powerful websites. We know that every website has a specific target audience and we keep your audience in mind while writing content for your business which shows through in our ability to differentiate our writing styles for each site. Our approach to content writing consists of:

  1. Content that makes sense.
  2. Targeting your audience trends.
  3. Compiling graphic elements to accompany your content.
  4. Searchable content maximizing search engine optimization strategies.

Besides helping your website grow your audience through your content, we aim to retain your audience by providing fresh content. We are known for structuring your content so that it results in higher user interaction ratios as well as laying out your website in a structure that promotes easy access to everything.