Keywords are one of the most important components to any successful search engine optimization strategy; but, most companies skim the service on what, how, and why they select specific keywords for a website. A large majority (over 60%) of websites are utilizing keywords incorrectly. These websites utilize keywords that are repetitive throughout their content but have nothing to do with the site’s purpose or core existence whereas, the goal of keyword mapping should be to select the keywords that are going to be the most influential in turning a visit into a profit for the website. This is called the 5 / 10 / 20 Rule.


5 / 10 / 20 Rule

  • 5 — Foundation Keywords
  • 10 — Important Keywords
  • 20 — Supplemental Keywords

This equals a total of 35 keywords and is paramount to a successful search engine strategy. By focusing your efforts on specific words or phrases instead of you can maximize the reason a visitor is on your site which results in a higher “closing ratio” on your services or products.

How Keyword Mapping works

Keyword mapping can be a lengthy process without a skilled search engine specialist, which we are. This process includes analyzing complex content patterns, monitoring competition, reviewing past and projected trends, and determining local and regional keyword impact trends. Once the keyword levels are established, a site keyword map can be established to provide proper keyword impact. This “map” creates a flow for the content to be easily navigated by the end user creating a relevant experience for the searcher. High-quality, dynamic, and relevant content has compounding effects beyond just attracting visitors to the site:

  • Increased user engagement Improved conversion rates
  • Greater incentive for others to link to your site
  • Greater motivation for advertisers to use your site

Using keywords on your site is not about trying to trick Google into putting your website at the top of the search engine. It’s just about matching the content on your site to the content your customers are looking for when they search for something. A proper keyword map will lay the groundwork to attract customers that are actively searching for your products or services.