At Byers Creative we love to help tell our clients’ stories. We work with so many wonderful organizations, and we like to show off their innovative services and community work. Once the public knows that your organization takes to heart the topics that are important to them, they will happily start using your business for their needs.We write, design and send out press releases for our clients’ newsworthy moments. It’s important for organizations to maintain ongoing, positive relationships with the public. These positive relationships help with increased sales, higher quality applicants and stronger relationships with investors.

We help clients’ prepare for crises that may come up. Is your team ready for a crisis? We can help your organization prepare a crisis communications team and create a solid plan. Some questions that we address are:

  • Who is in charge of communicating with the media?
  • Who is in charge of communicating with your employees or your customers?
  • What are some possible crises that could happen to an organization in our industry?
  • What media will we use to communicate to our stakeholders?
  • How can we communicate as quickly as possible?

Trust us, you will be thankful that you have a thorough crisis communications plan if one of those dark days comes up. Without a crisis communications plan your staff might be stumbling over each other trying to figure out who is responsible for what. An organization is much more likely to send out inconsistent messages without a plan. We want to help minimize damage and help you send out clear communications.

Your organization needs to show its value to current and potential investors. We design clear financial communications that show your company’s long-term strategy. This is crucial since it is highly competitive! Our designers and communications consultants collaborate to create investor relations plans to differentiate your organization from the competition.

Media training is important for your company’s spokesperson so that they look relaxed and feel comfortable when working with the media. The body language of someone who feels nervous looks very similar to that of a person who is lying, that is why media training is so important. The only way to feel confident during an interview is to practice. Our team helps prepare spokespeople by giving them real-world training so they know what to expect when it is time to talk with the media.

We help with every aspect of event planning: design, complete planning and promotions. Your events can help raise awareness of your organization or let you connect with a hard to reach audience. Whether it is a nonprofit fundraiser, industry-specific lunch and learn or a corporate meeting, we can help make your event be a big success.

Let us know if you have any questions about how we can help manage your unpaid communications.

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